Support Coordination

Support coordination is a service that identifies and develops a plan for the overall success of the individual. The plan is based on each individual's needs and wants and can include areas such as employment, personal experience or education.

Our support coordinators will assist individuals with disabilities and will work with their families’ to develop a plan that provides the most suitable services. Together they will select an appropriate service delivery model based on the individual's needs and wants. The role of our support coordinators also includes advocating on behalf of the individuals and their family to ensure fair and quality opportunities.

Supportive Employment

A service that assist individuals with entering the work force. Individuals will develop and enhance job specific skills that will ensure fair opportunities in the competitive job market.

In addition Supportive employment offers: Transportation

Life Steps, LLC provides transportation service allowing participants to gain access to activities, resources, and organizations typically utilized by the general population.

Community Base Support

Life Steps, LLC provides personal assistance to deliver necessary supports to address your loved one's daily living needs and improve their community integration.

Supports include, but are not limited to:
Hourly Respite

What is respite?

Respite provides temporary relief to families / caregivers of children and adults with disabilities.
We offer respite services that are recreational supports in an individual's home or place of business.
Please contact us to discuss your respite needs.

Hotel Respite

Life Steps, LLC offers hotel or extended care sessions located in South Jersey.

What is hotel respite?

Hotel respite gives famlies / caregivers relief from the daily stress they may experience while providing daily care.
Hotel respite also provides short-term, temporary care over night or nights, in a hotel to people with disabilities.

For further information about hotel respite please contact us at:

Life Steps, LLC
(856) 449 - 3190 | (856) 428 - 1100