Concentrating on Abilities, Not Disabilities

Life Steps is a qualified provider through the Division of Developmental Disabilities, that provides numerous services which assist intellectually and developmentally disabled individuals with making real life choices for themselves. In addition, Life Steps, LLC also has self-directed day service programs that address each individual’s specific and unique needs.

Life Steps Provides

a multitude of services to assist individual’s with their unique needs, such as community base support, hourly relief (respite), hotel respite, supportive employment and transportation services. We gladly service Camden, Gloucester, Burlington, and Atlantic Counties. Support coordination gladly servicing Salem, Cumberland, Cape May and Ocean County.

Life Steps Supports

Life Steps, LLC provides Community Based services to assist and deliver necessary supports to address your loved one’s daily living needs and improve their community integration. Supports include, but are not limited to:

Our Mission

Our missions at Life Steps, LLC is to focus on your loved ones, who are intellectually and developmentally challenged, to join them in the steps they take toward achieving new beginnings in their lives.