Life Steps provides Community Based Services to assist and deliver necessary supports to address your loved one’s daily living needs and improve their community integration.

Support Coordination

Support coordination is a service that identifies and develops a plan for the overall success of the individual. The plan is based on each individual’s needs and wants and can include areas such as employment, personal experience or education. Our friendly Support Coordinators will assist with developing and maintaining the Individual Service Plan( ISP). They will ensure the individual is receiving the authorized service(s) and provide follow up as needed.

Supportive Employment

Supportive employment Services assist individuals with entering the workforce. Individuals will develop and enhance job specific skills that will ensure fair opportunities in the competitive job market.

Community Inclusion

Community Inclusion services are provided outside of a participant’s home that support and assist participants in educational, enrichment or recreational activities as outlined in his/her Service Plan that are intended to enhance inclusion in the community.

Day Habilitation

Our Day Habilitation Service provides diverse opportunities for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) age 21 and over. We utilize a person-centered approach for feedback from those in the program on desired activities they would like to participate in and outcomes they wish to achieve.

Self-Directed Employee's (SDE)

Families can choose to hire a self-directed employee(s). A self-directed employee can be a family member, friend, or parent, to provide support in the home or in the community. Life Steps will hire your SDE to work with your love one. We also provide Transportation and Hourly / Hotel Respite.

Supports include, but are not limited to: